XFL, A League of Their Own

Written by Christopher White

On Sunday night in Houston, Texas . I witnessed one of the single greatest football games in Houston sports history. The Houston Roughnecks with arguably the league's best quarterback in PJ Walker. Walker was absolutely electrifying, and put on a clinic of how the position should he played.

Scrambling, breaking tackles, side arm slinging touchdowns, you name it, he did it all. Including, leading the Roughnecks to their second league victory. He is the most exciting player in the league, and thats a fact. No debate! The fans were incredible, and at times somewhat hostile. But what do you expect when you come into a game playing a team aptly called the ROUGHNECKS. To hear the banter between the fans and the opposing team made you feel like you were at a WWE match, but it was so FREAKIN AWESOME.

I was looking for security to step in, but they were enjoying the show as well. Eventhough professional are supposed to stay, well, professional. To see them jaw jacking with the crowd made me feel a different type of excitement. WHEW! The execution and rollout of the game itself was flawless. The XFL actually ran a covert preseason series of six games to ensure that everything ran smoothly. Now how do you have a draft, select teams, and play six games, without anyone in the third largest city without anyone knowing? Your guess is as good as mine, but they managed to do it without raising an eyebrow.

The XFL has come up with some of the most creative ways to keep the game moving and the tempo nonstop. Since they are in no way in competition with the other known league, The XFL has a INCREDIBLE opportunity to be exactly what has been missing. A league that can hold it's own and create opportunities for more athletes looking to further their careers after college play, thus creating year round football. I love it.

The on field interviews, the celebrations, players and fan interactions, tech innovations, and reimagined rules to the game are a great part of the game, but it takes deep pockets to keep the day to day wheels turning on an entire league. I am a fan, and I hope to keep you posted as to the status of the XFL moving forward. Stay tuned!

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