Small Ball Ballin

Written by Donald Tolbert

You can officially call Morey the mad scientist. He threw away a whole top tier center to unlock
the potential of this team. Basically something never heard of in NBA history. If you have
watched the team since the trade, you can see why though.

How far will it take them is the question that remains. You have definitely seen an uptick in
offensive efficiency, an uptick in the pace of play and an uptick in defensive activity. As the
Rockets transform on the fly, they have chosen to go full fledge by what the numbers say.
Offensively the fruit is baring. Defensively is going to be the biggest challenge.

On a night like tonight despite having a triple double James Harden didn't have a good shooting
night. Will the Rockets be able to get enough stops to win the game. After back to back go
ahead shots first by Covington then by Tucker. It took a miracle heave by Utah to win the game.
If the Rockets can take the positives from this game and keep pushing. There is a lot of good
ahead from this team.

The Rockets needs to know that everybody talks about what cant be done, until it's done.
Rednation is alive, its alive!!!

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