Roughnecks win game 1 in XFL season opener

Written by B.Keith Crear

In the second game of the XFL’s season opening day matchup, PJ Walker led the Roughnecks to the team’s first win, which they totally  dominated the LA Wildcats, 37-17.

The N.J. native got things started early, making use of the XFL’s fast tempo game-play with a 50-yard long range pass  to wide receiver Cam Phillips. This pass put Houston up 6-0 within two minutes of kickoff. The fans were impressed with the performance of Walker along with Coach June Jones, which he said “He’s learning the system,” [Walker],  “He did some really good things.”

As the game progressed, the Roughnecks went down 14-6, but later running back James Butler scored for a 16-yard play to put Houston within two.

After COMPLETELY dominating the second half in front of over 17,000 fans on the team's first game day, the Roughnecks went on to win the game 37-17.

After talking to a fans post-game, a lot are happy with the XFL team. Spring football could be VERY successful here in Houston. A few fans said..

"I bought tickets just to see what the hype is about, and I'm glad I did".

Other fans were happy that football will last another 10 weeks after the NFL big game. Some fans compared it to the fallen AAF League that lasted a very short length,

"I just hope the league finishes a season, unlike the AAF because it seems to be excitement here".

The XFL seems to have built a solid product for football fans. Standing on the sideline looking at the fans, you can tell that opportunity for Houston to have room for another professional football team is evident. Time will only tell at this point. But if the XFL sticks around they will definitely have a big fan base here in Houston and around the league.

Houston takes on the Battlehawks next Sunday (Feb.16th) at TDECU Stadium.

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