A Rough Awakening

Written by Donald Tolbert

There's only one word to describe the XFL debut. That word is success. There's one keyword to
describe the Roughnecks debut. That word is supported.

To anyone wondering. It was evident Saturday that there's a market for off season football in
Houston. Not sure of the exact attendance numbers for the inaugural game. I do know the crowd
size was comparable to a U of H conference game and the excitement was on a new Big Pokey
& Lil Ke Ke album level. If you from Houston then you know that's serious excitement.

The Roughnecks didn't disappoint in route to a blowout. Their big play capabilities were
refreshing after the season Texans fans just went through. Every fan left with a moment to share
with those who didn't attend. If/As the fandom grows for this league. The Houston team will
have some of the household names. For now I'll anoint them the Trey Way Bullies. I think this
league has real potential here. This city loves a underdog and a winner. We also respect hard
and show appreciation. One thing we know is most of these athletes are out here for the love of
the game.

The physicality of this league was on display as well. You also got to see a lot of the rule
differences that could push the NFL to look at the way of doing things instead of business
as usual. From the on the spot interviews after a big play. To the 1,2,and 3 point options after
a score. All in all this weekend was a win for the XFL. Props goes to the leaders who put this
league together. We will see where it goes from here. As for me I'm a Trey Way Bully supporter.

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