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More than 1 Million Volunteers Donated 100 Minutes of Their Time Across the County

NEW YORK, N.Y. – February 20, 2020 – Today, the NFL announced that the Huddle for 100 initiative totaled 397,253,630 volunteer minutes from 1,020,846 volunteers donating their time back to their communities. Huddle for 100 launched at the 2019 NFL Draft to inspire 1 million people to give back 100 minutes of their time, with a goal of 100 million minutes donated to celebrate the NFL's 100th season.  In November, the NFL surpassed the 100-million-minute mark and by the culmination of the league's 100th season at Super Bowl LIV in Miami, there were nearly 400 million minutes volunteered.

"We can't thank the NFL family enough – our incredible fans, clubs and players – for the tremendous volunteer work that took place across the country and for helping us to shatter our goal of 100 million minutes, nearly quadrupling that number," said NFL Commissioner, ROGER GOODELL. "Huddle for 100 brought our fans and communities together and the impact will be felt for the next 100 seasons of the NFL. "
A large part of the volunteer minutes through Huddle for 100 were contributed from the 32 NFL clubs, who hosted several volunteer events throughout the season and encouraged their fans to get involved as well. Throughout the season, each club who had the most minutes registered that month received a $5,000 grant from the NFL Foundation and there was an incentive for a $100,000 grand-prize for the club that had accumulated for the most volunteer minutes by the end of the season.

The Miami Dolphins were the overall Club Huddle competition winner with 75,623,500 minutes through the Dolphins Huddle for 100 initiative, which worked to level the playing field through the power of teamwork to inspire a healthier, more educated and united South Florida community.
The monthly Huddle for 100 NFL club winners were:
  • January: Atlanta Falcons – 2,039,600 minutes
  • December: Kansas City Chiefs – 700,900 minutes
  • November: Carolina Panthers – 10,661,100 minutes
  • October: New England Patriots – 12,880,200 minutes
  • September: Dallas Cowboys – 2,458,400 minutes
  • August: Miami Dolphins – 2,382,200 minutes
  • July: Minnesota Vikings – 870,000 minutes
  • June: Seattle Seahawks – 2,287,600 minutes
  • May: Los Angeles Rams – 1,060,700 minutes
Additionally, there were other club competitions through Huddle for 100 "superlatives" to highlight the outstanding work of volunteers across the NFL markets. Each of the below clubs will also receive a $5,000 grant from the NFL Foundation for winning a superlative:
  • Most Social Engagement: Carolina Panthers – 65,300 minutes
  • Most Huddles Hosted: Dallas Cowboys – 178 events
  • Most Volunteers: New England Patriots – 113,192 volunteers
  • Biggest Huddle Hosted: Baltimore Ravens – 3,703,300 minutes

The 397,253,630 minutes volunteered equates to 757 years' worth of volunteer time and has an economic value of over $168.36 million. Huddles occurred in all 50 states and more specifically in 789 cities – NFL fans were a large part of accumulating these minutes. There were 261,449,800 minutes contributed by players, coaches, cheerleaders, and NFL staff from all 32 clubs, who in total hosted 1,344 Huddle events. The were 1,506 Huddles organized overall, and the National Huddles hosted from 2019 Draft to Super Bowl LIV accounted for of 9,169 volunteers who donated 704,800 minutes of their time through these national events.
Huddle for 100 also united partners including, but not limited to: NBC Universal, Aramark, March of Dimes, and Red Cross of America around mission of volunteerism for a total contribution of 14,264,700 minutes. Overall, over 349 non-profit and community organizations including: United Way, Habitat for Humanity, The Confetti Foundation, Special Olympics and American Heart Association benefited from Huddle events, while over 38 different causes including youth development, military and hunger were supported.
There were also over 206,000 youth, ranging in ages 5-18, from over 45,000 schools that joined Huddle for 100 thanks to partnerships with WE Schools, the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, USA Football and InnerView. alone through their Huddle for Good campaign accounted for 115,217,200 volunteer minutes and 158,852 student volunteers. The NFL's Huddle for 100 partnership with brought together 33,366 volunteers for 2,602,530 minutes of service.
Visit or follow #NFLHuddleFor100 to get involved and learn more about Huddle for 100. Visit for more information about the NFL100 campaign.

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