The Team

Christopher "Kutz" White
Communications Director
From playing college football at Ohio State to music producer, Chris gravitated to media. DJ Kutz, as he will later be called has been in the entertainment industry for 20+ years. Starting out as a disc jockey which led to music production, the road to movie/tv placements has been endless.  So its only natural to merge the  2 loves into one platform. Kutz took his passion/experience of sports to create and co-found Sports Fusion Live.

B. Keith "Grizz" Crear III
Digital Media Director & Editor 
After a long run in nightlife entertainment, DJ Keyth the 56Grizzly, or "Grizz" for short, powered down the tables and grabbed a camera. Keith worked for a few radio stations and major record labels, to later form his own internet station PowerHits281. Now a sports photographer & graphic designer, Grizz merged his love for sports and media to co-found Sports Fusion Live with Christopher White.

Donald "DonChacho" Tolbert
Sports Editor 
As a hardcore sports fan, Donald, aka 'Don Chacho" is a passionate writer. Growing up in Houston, during the Hakeem & Warren Moon era, Donald found his love for sports at an early age. Since coming on board, Don Chacho, has interviewed  some heavy hitters in sports, music & politics.

MAi' Ghen Storm
Online Sports Reporter
Bio Coming Soon.

Eric Compton
Sportz Bizness Podcast
As a Army veteran and Bay Area native, Eric Compton battles all things sports from a veteran’s perspective.

Brian "Big Sarge" Barefield
Texans Tailgate Podcast | Sportz Talk w/ Big Sarge
bio coming soon.

Xavier Rosales
Staff Photographer
A senior student at the University of Houston who loves to travel and views life through the lens of his camera. His love for sports started as a young child and was influenced by his father, to now pursuing a degree in Sports Media with a minor in Kinesiology, Xavier continues to live frame-by-frame and pursue his sports media dreams.

Tylan Cornelius
Staff Photographer
Tylan is a talented photographer who has a passion for both photography and sports. Capturing the best and high impact moments on and off the field, he has a keen eye for detail and snap memories in a visually stunning way that tells a true story.

Oscar Herrera
Staff Photographer
bio coming soon.

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