Roughnecks defeat league rival, the Renegades

Photography credit: B. Keith Crear III

Written by Donald Tolbert

There's always something different in the air anytime competition slated between these 2 regions of the state. Call it what you like, but whatever it is, it matters. With the Roughnecks looking to go 7-0 as a franchise, best believe this game mattered. 

Off the rip the tone was set for the day. 1 play 1 interception for the Roughnecks defense and the reaction from the crowd, let it be none pressure would be applied to Arlington. The Arlington team would take the lead into the half however, there was nothing comfortable about it. 

The Roughnecks defense would remain relentless. With the offense remaining solid although, they will have to correct the mistakes on film that lead to a few turnovers in scoring position. That will be key as the season goes on and games get tighter with teams having more of the Roughnecks scheme on tape. 

All in all this victory sets up the opportunity for the Roughnecks to stake claim to the best XFL team in Texas title. Yeah I just made that up, but can guarantee all three cities involved want it. Rough it up Roughnecks! 

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