And They're Off- Roughnecks take first game win in XFL 2023 Season Kick-off

Written by Donald Tolbert

Houston, TX February 18th, 2023 | First day back at the office for the Roughnecks and work was done. With the early game setting the tone for the new season, the hope was Orlando and Houston would continue the trend. A good showing was needed by both teams to keep the interest at its peak. Early you knew the stadium would be a better visual for TV. There were fans in the seats early and they were not here to converse among themselves. They were here for the Roughnecks and for a victory. Orlando jumped out early and the Roughnecks answered swiftly in true H- TOWN fashion with a TD pass to J. Kirklin after a defensive 4th down stop. 

The Roughnecks would try to put some distance between themselves and the Guardians after another 3rd down stop and a great punt return. It was proceeded by a Borghi knife job on the defense. Silvers and Kirklin showed their chemistry early and often. Going into the half 21-6 with the Roughnecks leading it was evident the Roughnecks were intended on picking up where they left off and this time they brought a Wade Phillips led defense with them. 

The second half would bring about a stalemate. With both defenses clamping down. Each got a pick and not did not allow any points in the 3rd quarter. Heading into the fourth with the game in hand the Roughnecks offense walked it down the field and squeezed the life out of the Gaurdians. 

Overall after watching both game of opening day, I must say the ownership of the league has to be excited about the direction of the league. It's clear that the league has maintained the fan base it established. Now is the time to build on that foundation. It's clear the XFL has the tools to do so. The product on the field is solid, the atmosphere golden, and the league is necessary. There is a true field of dreams aura around the league and everyone loves the underdog. Job well done cheers to day one! 

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