Fire It Up Then: XFL, We Have a Rivalry!

Written by: Donald Tolbert

Oh it's on! There's officially a Texas size XFL rilvary. I saw a Brahmas section inside of the Roughnecks home field. Live and in effect. And so the story begins. How big will this rilvary get? Only time will tell. It looked like for a while we were going to have a shootout. The Brahmas scored quickly after a big kickoff return to start the game. The Roughnecks would come right back and establish the Silvers to Kirklin connection for a touchdown after marching down the field. At that point you would've thought the scoreboard was about to be lit up. The Roughnecks defense had a different idea though. The Roughnecks offense would put up 22 in the first half, but the scoring for the Brahmas was done for the first half. 

The second half would produce more of the same. Despite a score by the Brahmas late in the the third quarter, the outcome of the game never seemed to be in question. With the win the Roughnecks would move to 3-0 and remain undefeated as a franchise. More importantly they would solidify themselves as the best team in the state. 

With the next three games being on the road it was important for the Roughnecks to take advantage of this home stand to start the season and they did so fully. Heading to Orlando for a opening day rematch. The Guardians and their fans will be eager to put a blemish on the spotless record of the Roughnecks. The Roughnecks will have a chance to entrench their dominance on the division. They could potentially have a 2 game lead in the division with a win this weekend. 

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