Another One Takes an L, Whose Next?

Written by Donald Tolbert

Another one steps up and tries and another steps up and fails. The Roughnecks have picked up where they left off and are looking to build. "This is what we do" should be under consideration as the team mantra. No one in the history of the XFL has figured out how to beat the Roughnecks. 

The thing about is the latest victory appeared to be the most dominant. This is after three additional weeks of film and also facing the team to start the season. They couldn't figure out a way to beat the Roughnecks. 

One thing is for certain, the front runners for at least 3 league awards have to be onsite at the Roughnecks facility. MVP, OPOY, and Coach of the Year. They will be household names by the end of the season. Silvers, Kirklin, and Son of Bum ate doing their thing down here in H-Town. 

The show will be going on the road again tonight in prime time. Seattle is looking to keep pace with the division and the Roughnecks are looking to build on the perfection that has been established. One has to give. If I were a betting man, I would bet on perfection. The Roughnecks have shown no sign of slowing down. They even absorbed the injury of their feature back last week and ended up scoring the most point of the season. 

The Roughnecks reign is in route to Seattle. Take cover. 

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