Sports Fusion Top 5 Finessers

Sports Fusions 5 Finesser's Texans vs Colts
Written by Donald Tolbert | SFL Blogger

1. Pound da pigskin!
This will be essential in limiting Andrew Lucks opportunities.

2. Southern exposure.
When Watson gets opportunities to go deep, he must strike on them.

3. Super Heros on deck!
Wattman, Red Dead Daveon, Mercules, Thoryaan, need that out of them today!!!

4. Silent and deadly!
D.J. Reeder must press the middle to force Luck towards Clowney and JJ.

5. Turn up H Tine style.
We need the crowd fired and wired all game. Even through the breath taking plays Luvk makes. Let's go Texans! Bulls on parade! Get stabalized in our stable.

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