Breathe Easy

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The news of Chris Paul's hamstring injury sent a deep gasp thru the body of Houston Rockets fans. The beard didn't wait long to show us we could all exhale. With 3 straight wins against teams that the masses considered to be contenders at the beginning of the season....(Yes the Spurs were considered contenders).

James Harden has bolted himself back into the national MVP conversation and his Houston Rockets to within 3 games of the number one seed of the conference. There's no doubt that Chris Paul will be needed for this team to reach their ultimate goal. Harden just let us know until Paul's return, we are in good hands with Beardstate. In the midst of loss of Paul and the shock and awe around Hardens excellence something else happened.

Harden gave a bit of airtime to his haters. Not only did he acknowledge them, he also let them know of his intentions to keep tormenting them on a nightly basis. That's a brief glimpse into the window of the motivation behind the hard work. As a fan of Harden it was almost therapeutic to hear him acknowledge the hate he receives and in the same breath declare his intent to continue to torture them with his greatness.

If you have ever walked the hallways of NBA twitter you the hate is real. Today, he will face another player whose accomplish‐ ments dont compare to his, but is considered to be greater or more suited to build a franchise around.

The next stop on the Harden hate wagon is in New Orleans against A.D. and the Pelicans. Here is where we shall witness the next thing for the haters to talk about and the next thing for Rockets fans to breathe easy on! #Rednation #Hardecide

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