10 Piece Please

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

Its usually 10 to get in, but not this go around. That's unless the Titans and Colts take L's on Sunday. The greatest turnaround from a 0-3 start in league history however, continues and will be apart of this teams legacy.

The Jets are the next stop on this ride and to be honest this should be a no doubt Texans victory from end to end. I understand the any given Sunday mind-frame. I get the Jets have some talented players including their up and coming QB. This game to me though is more about the Texans showing that they are on a different level. I say this not just talking about players. I mean this as a whole organization. The coaches and all.

The Jets are playing for sport today. The Texans still have a shot at a first round bye, and mathematically a shot at the number one seed. That's needs to show on the field today. I expect to see the Jets out classed on every level today. No disrespect but disrespect. The Jets are not the Texans equal. Period. We know the Texans have the talent to do greats things.

Today we will find out more about their focus as the goals and achievements they set out for in the beginning of the season draw closer. Go Texans! #Bullsonyablock

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