Code Red NEEDED!

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

Someone needs to declare the Houston Rockets situation an emergency. It doesn't appear that the leaders of the team (James Harden & Chris Paul) are ready to do so. However, I'm ready to. It's not about the record, it's not about the stats or rankings. It's all about the product itself. Ask yourself how many games have you watched this year and said it looks like they don't care, or that they are not even trying.

"Guys aren't being used the way they should be"

One time would be to many and I've found myself saying these things several times. Then you see lack of effort on defense. The lack of energy on offense, and finally shots fired by Eric Gordon. Gordon flat out called out the whole squad.

When you state "Guys aren't being used the way they should be". That's coaching. When you talk about sharing the ball and players needing to sacrifice, that's your teammates and something's array.

Last years team stayed together. Whatever issues they had you never read them in an article. After losing to the Dallas Mavericks Saturday tonight, 104-107, this years team competitive nature doesn't resemble the team that was in the Western conference finals a few months ago.

 Last year you never turned off a game if they were down because you knew there was going to be a push to get back in the game and give themselves a shot. That's not the case currently. So I'm doing it. I'm breaking the glass, lightning a flare, pulling the lever. Whatever you want to call it. Red nation is riding with you. Houston Rockets let's get this shit rolling.

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