Texans Football : 2022 Training Camp Day 1


Written by Donald Tolbert | SFL Journalist

The Texans football referred to in the title is in reference to the fans expectations. What these fans have come to expect is back in stock with this organization.

Now its the first day of camp so I have no in depth player breakdowns or projections. This is more about the era of Houston football we are in. Not since Kubiak's tenure has expectations aligned with this talent. Under coach Smith and Caserio the Texans machine has recalibrated.

It's evident the practice field is coach Smiths element. He doesn't assume you know what to do and critique from his coach pedestal. He's a teacher. He's going to let you know what and how he expects things to be done. That's going to go a long way in developing the young talent this team has invested in. The fans have been enabled to get ready and get excited..

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