Chad Johnson sends a TIP'd message to Harden


Written by Christopher White | SFL Journalist

James Harden gets a big tip from Chad Johnson.

Over the weekend, "Chad Ochocinco" dined at Harden's Thirteen Houston restaurant, leaving a generous tip for his server.

Johnson added $1,300 to his $107.17 bill in a receipt posted to his Twitter account.

The 43-year-old former Bengals star also called out the Nets MVP candidate, noting at the bottom of the bill that

 "James Harden is scared of playing me in FIFA!"

Harden, who is currently battling the Celtics in the first round of the NBA Playoffs, responded to Johnson's generosity - and FIFA challenge.

“@OCHOCINCO really tipped my staff at my restaurant $1,300,” he shared on his Instagram Story with a picture, also saying, “And we can line the FIFA up any day. You’ve been running for some years now.”

Can't wait to see if these two will battle it out with a little FIFA action. We would love to see that. #StayTuned

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