Legendary See You Later

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

It didn't take long for the greatness in the stadium to put everyone on notice. 9 min into the
match Captain Zorto did his thang with a remarkable goal over the top of the Dynamo's goalie
outstretched hand.

It was Truly a thing of beauty.

As was the effort from the Dynamo on both sides of the pitch. That's where you saw the
beauty of the legend DMB, DaMarcus Beasley. His undeniable work ethic, his grit and grind. The team took on his personality. It was straight hustle mode for the Orangemen. After the yellow card issued to Feltscher in extra time the breakthrough came. Ramirez scored to tie it up going into the half.

There was no let up in the Orangemen. Elis tied the game up again in the 62nd min after a Galaxy
score. The battle continued. It was a defensive struggle until Elis flexed again. This time it would
be on an assist to Ramirez for the go ahead goal. They would add 1 more in the extra time for
good measure. Ensuring Sunday was a productive day on the pitch.

All in all the highlight of the day was in the 89th min when we witnessed a end of an era. DaMarcus Beasley would walk off the pitch for the last time. Roars, tears, and salutes. This man has repented
American soccer excellence to the utmost. In his last address he said it was not good bye but
see you later. It was fitting that he would let it be known Houston is now his home. The city has
been lucky to have him. He is the best ambassador we could as to have to this global game and
a solid citizen. Thanks DMB!

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