Dear Bill O'Brien

Written by:  B. Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

Dear Bill Obrien,

Im taking my media hat off, and speaking as a fan today. I'm not dropping any stats or crunching numbers in this write-up. Im not cross referencing teams, and nor will I compare players. Im solely speaking and inquiring whole-heartedly.

 So, listen, us fans are tired of being let down. We are tired of being the constant laughing stock of Texas. After last Sunday’s game, there are a few things that need to be addressed....LIKE ASAP

Literally each game that has been played this season has been done so very differently. The BEST game you guys have played was the LOSS against the Saints in the Superdome. That game showed a more high impact gameplay than the 2 wins that followed. I don’t understand why the constant change in the overall playbook every week. We have too much firepower to consistently play conservative. Horrible clock management  and weak play calling has been the ONLY thing consistent with the team.  In this past Sunday’s game against the Panthers, the whole world literally watched you call the same play 3 times in a quarter, Watson got sacked 6 times and you squandered our last time out in the 4th quarter with 4minutes left....fam WTF? And listen, I say "YOU" because YOU hold all the hats.

Despite losing Clowney and a few key players to trades that resulted in us basically giving away everything besides the NRG parking lot, what is the future 5yr plan of the Texans sir? Every since the Texans were introduced by the NFL, we have been constantly “building”. When do we win? When do we make it past the Wildcard? When do we value players who actually bring something to the team? When? As a fan, I'm tired of the rollercoaster ride we go through EVERY season. We play great one game and then play like trash the next. When will you open up that new playbook sir? When will you let Watson, BE Watson? Either open the playbook that fits Watson's mobile style or teach him to throw the ball away.

We all know that Watson doesn’t fit “your person style” of offense, but now is the time to adapt. You can't expect Watson to be a pocket passer with that lack-luster offensive line we have. Tunsil has helped but can't be the FINAL solution. Pretty soon, It’s like we are going to be a training facility for other teams. Why are you caging a group of lions? Why are you acting like a 5yo who just trapped a jar full of frogs? Why?

My greatest fear for this city is that the Texans become just like the Oilers. The organization was poorly ran during it’s last few years of tenure here in the city and COULDN'T FILL SEATS. Hell, the organization couldn’t even GIVE tickets away. The city’s NFL history was traded off to Tennessee, so why not build a solid foundation for a new one? The post press conferences have become redundant to the point where, EVERY fan can literally mimic your rhetoric and EXACT verbiage in an live you are doing the interview.  We are tired of feeling like Sofia in the movie Color Purple when we face off with Cowboys fans......[Sofia: "All My Life I had to fight"]. 

I REALLY dont think you understand the battle we go through dealing with our I-45 counterparts. WE CONSTANTLY FIGHT like siblings.

So, now is the time to step up sir. Coach O’Brien the city NEEDS you and the Texans organization to dial it back, get it together and BRING IT.

WE THE PEOPLE are tired of mediocre seasons that end in first round wildcard losses, redundant press interviews, and conservative gameplay. Its time for you and the organization to REALLY step up or the city will see the fate of another depressing season and the fan loyalty will soon start falling off.

Sincerely a Concerned Fan

*Puts Media hat back on

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