Hello, Karma My Old Friend

Written by:  B. Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

Jose Altuve launches a walk-off homer off Aroldis Chapman in the bottom of the 9th inning to send the Astros to the World Series. A priceless moment in Houston history. Despite the last game in New York where Yankee fans chanted "F*&k Altuve" as the Stros lost. But oh how Karma shows her pretty face and comes to collect. Bad energy in, bad energy out is what my broadcasting instructor use to tell us all the time.

Yankees fans feared what happened yesterday, for it to happen yesterday. The Stros held strong throughout the innings as the bullpen handled the mound. Even though all the hate from the Yankee fans was disrespectful, It was that ONE moment, one pitch, that will silence New Yorker fans. That one pitch, that one swing at the tip of the bat, that will simply serve as the ULTIMATE REPLY to Yankee fans...... As Altuve steps to the plate, he respectfully responds by serving up a 2 run walk-off to send the Astros back to the World Series.

Im willing to bet a slice of New York style pizza, that the ever-so eloquently phrase the Yankee fans created, is ringing out throughout the boroughs, LMAOO. Well, Welcome to Houston, New York fans, but catch that flight back to Loserville. We will send a PERFECTLY stitched Astros pancho from our abuelas to drape on the statue of liberty, she looks cold anyway #TakeItBack

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