1 Step 2 Step

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

For every step forward in expectations, the Texans take two steps back in progression. What
makes it worse its usually the same two steps back.

You can put your money on where the Texans will fall short. It's going to be either execution or
gameplan. Bill O'Brien comes to the podium every week and talks about how they need to stay
ahead of the chains to keep the playbook open. Every week we watch them go out and commit
the same false start penalties in key moments that keep them behind the chains. So whatever
method is being used to combat this issue is not working. Period. If we as spectators or fans
can see this, then this staff should as well. The question is has there been changes to the
method or is this getting any attention in preparation. I'm not inside the organization so I dont
know. It's just sad to see.

With the weapons provided to the Texans you would think the gameplan would taylor to them.
Though it never seems that way. It always looks like they are forcing things. Whatever they find
as exploits throughout the week of the opponent they never work. They continue to be one of
the worst scoring teams in the first quarter. How you do you prepare all week for what's coming
and then appear to be clueless when the bullets start flying. We have seen this movie before. The
definition of insanity is repeating the same thing and expecting different results. By the way the
seats are starting to look inside of the stadium the Texans fans are letting you know they ain't

The Texans beat the Chiefs and gave the glimmer of hope of a new direction. Then they lost
to the Colts in the Bill O'Brien era fashion. Its pitiful that even in this weeks victory against the
Raiders the Texans fans still find misery.

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