Hector Herrera debuts with Dynamo 2-2 draw against FC Dallas

Photo credit: B.Keith Crear III

Written by: Donald Tolbert, SFL Journalist

The day will be remembered for the addition of Herrera on the pitch. Don't get it twisted the Dynamo still have playoff hopes and should have championship aspirations.

The heat was waiting on the Dynamo upon arrival. The question was would they bring the fire needed to course correct the season. The answer was an emphatic negative ghost rider. From the jump the Dynamo seem to lack the intensity the Texas Derby rewards. The fans were ready. The bands were battling. The squad just didn't participate. A pass gone wrong by Clark led to a corner kick. That corner led to the goal by Hedges in 27min. The Orangemen did have their opportunities in the first half. They were just unable to capitalize.

The second half would bring more of the same. That is until the 54min became Herrera time. That was definitely a jolt for the fans. The squad caught it as well. The push forward became more forceful. The passes became crisper and tighter. He was brought here to elevate this team and his ability to do so is evident. In the 69min Herrera began the sequence that led to the goal by Ulfarsson. I must say in the many games attended, I have never heard this crowd erupt as loud as they did. That is until the goal in the 82.min that was called back.

Dallas played with a physicality that the Dynamo would or could not match full time. I believe the former from watching this team all season. I know they have it in them. The Dynamo would go on to a draw in extra time. This was definitely a missed opportunity to clip one of the teams they are chasing for a playoff spot. Not to mention Houston hates everything Dallas. The truth is they are still in this half way through the season. That's on top of the new addition that has brought them life. Time will tell. Stay tuned to your Orangemen.

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