Fake Panic Begins

The title isn't a shot at anyone. It's a honest assessment of me during and after the first Summer League game. Now its back to my unbiased opinion. 

We all know Banchero is going to be a force in the League. I was all good with the Rocket's picking him at number 3. When they were side swiped by the Magic I must admit I was ecstatic to get Smith Jr. at number 3. Not only because I didn't want anything to do with Chet but I genuinely felt we had won the draft by getting the best player. Then we played the Magic. That's where the fake panic arrived. 

I had to remember the reasoning behind my excitement for Smith Jr. The Summer League is designed for the best of Banchero. A playmaker who is a tough cover at all levels. That isn't the task for Smith to accomplish greatness. It will be his abilities inside of a system with playmakers already established. The mismatches he will create for the typical big man. Also, his defensive attributes that were on display. 

The best Jabari Smith Jr. is yet to come. The things that will be on display in Summer League will be his competitiveness, his ability to apply what he has learned and how he functions as a leader on the floor. Everything else is just exercise. Boys out here getting in shape. Remember that. Don't panic and enjoy! 

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