Roughnecks 2nd Act

Written by Donald Tolbert

The battle of the 1-0 teams took place at TEDCU stadium. Fortunately for the Roughneck fans
the second act was more of the great things we seen in the first act.

Walker continued his early push for the league MVP. While the Roughneck fans continued to
provide evidence that they may be the best fans in the XFL. It was a slug fest to start and
the fans embraced every minute of it. They were as I like to say fired and wired. They made it
impossible for the Roughnecks to let up. In turn the the law firm of Walker & Phillips made it
impossible for the fans to turn down.

What started as a grind led to a 21-6 halftime lead. This was the only break in the ruckus the
fans brought. The river of red and chrome are looking to start a wave off Scott street. And
as the game tightened up in the second half the Roughnecks rode to a wave of victory. The
BattleHawks made a late push. Getting to within one score. But the law office boys went to work
and a late int by Jermiah Johnson sealed the verdict. Victory!!!

The show that was put on by the team and the fans is to be revelled in this league. If this energy
permeates throughout this league America has found itself spring football. Credit to everyone
involved over at TDECU Stadium for the event that this is. From Westbury's band dropping
the hits from above, to the live in game challenges for the fans, to Kiotti banding the H-Town
Legends all evening it's the place to be when the Roughnecks take the field. Side note the after
party is at Frenchy's Chicken or at least that's what the drive thru looks like. If you know you
know. Now the show goes on the road. 1st stop the sunshine state for snakeskin. See you soon

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