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Written by Donald Tolbert 

The undercard of the night of plays their role perfectly when it gets you fired up just enough to
be ready for the main event. Usually the last matchup is the main event but no disrespect to the
teams of CONCACAF, the U.S. Womens team is the main event.

Truly when you can get 15,000 people to do anything in Houston on a weeknight besides go to
a football, you have reached rockstar status. This U.S. Womens team would have none of it. It
was all about business in Houston. That's the most admirable quality of this team. They wake up
in the morning favored to win. Yet the respect for the game and their opponent is evident in the
way they carry themselves. It's a pleasure to see.

From beginning to end its all about effort and execution. On Friday night Panama didn't make it into the U.S. side of the pitch in the first half. In the match against Costa Rico after a left foot tear drop by Press in the 4th min and a silky smooth pass from Lloyd to Heron for the score in the 10th min you knew where it was headed. The tune of almost 30,000 got to see these humble rockstars in action in Houston. Those 30,000 can attest to why this team is beloved.

A sportsmanship treasure they are. Looking forward to them making the Olympic bid official
against Mexico in LA. Where the stars reside in the hills. The All-American rockstars will be on
the field.

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