Puttin in WORK! Roughnecks clip the Battlehawks

Written by B. Keith Crear III

In the start of the inaugural XFL season, the Houston Roughnecks are off to a great start in the city. They defeated the St.Lous Battlehawks 28-24. Winning both home games in the start of the season, they go on the road 2-0 and #1 in the league.

 With PJ Walker running the offense, the Roughnecks have an explosive offense thats backed by Phillips, Lewis, Butler, Mobley, Houston has an explosive offense. The game started with a bang when kicker Sergio Castillo put the Roughnecks on the board, scoring the first three points of the game with a field goal kick. The Roughnecks took control of the game in the first half, but the Battlehawks started to make a comeback run in the second only to fall short.

Last game Walker threw fro 272yrds with 4 TDs. Against the Battlehawks Walker threw for 170 yards and three touchdowns (20 for 31). The chants of M-V-P from the fans on Sunday, proved the love for the quarterback is in HIGH favor.

 The Roughnecks go on the road to Tampa Bay to take on Vipers on Feb, 22nd.

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