Final Pitstop and Rocking

Written by Donald Tolbert

The Rockets rolled into All-Star break off a big win against Boston. They have came out of the
break firing on all cylinders.

The underrated fact about the break is the Rockets didn't have to play until the following
Thursday. Which gave them some much needed practice time for their new pieces and new
system identity. If you dont think so ask Golden State. The Rockets hit the floor and almost
broke their own record for most three pointers in a game on their way to a blow out. Ask Utah.
After their miracle heave to win before the break in Houston. The Rockets rolled into Utah and
tap dat ass against the same game plan that had Gobert holding Westbrook. Ask the Knicks.
They watched Harden roll to 31 in the first half fresh off a 3hr flight. In a game that Westbrook
didn't play in and that EG left early. In which the bench got 40+ points. It ended in a blowout as it
should have been.

This team will be a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs. One thing we have seen return is
the effortlessness of Hardens offensive game which has to scare teams. There also seems to
be a new fondness of creating turnovers which makes this offense more potent. Alert alert NBA.
The Rockets are who we thought they were! Contenders.

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