Rockets clipped the Hawks

Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photographer & Blogger
Harden scored 41 hot ones, with 22 in the first quarter, to help the Houston Rockets to DEFEAT Trae Young and the Hawks 122-115 on Wednesday night.
WIth the absence of Westbrook, Harden had 10 assists and 10 rebounds for his second straight triple-double (in my Ice Cube voice) He only connected 9 of 34 shots, including 4 of 20 3-pointers Harden fizzled put in the second half play, with only 2 of 18 shots. It seems this is his pattern along with a few others that SLOWLY paced out in the game.
Here is what Coach D'Antoni had to say
“We had a couple guys run out of gas,” said Houston coach Mike D'Antoni. “... Our legs got tired obviously. We just had to hang on."
Altanta got within 3pts  late in the fourth quarter slowly closing in on the Rockets. Harden landed four free throws in the final 10.4 seconds. Capela finished with 22 points and 22 rebounds, and Ben McLemore topped out with 18 points.
The next game is TONIGHT against Chris Paul and the Oklahoma Thunder  @ 7:30 CST on TNT

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