Bills Blew a 16-0 Lead to Lose to Texans

Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photographer & Blogger

In Houston on Saturday, the Texans defeated the Buffalo Bills, 22-19.

Hold up......wait a minute. Let me restate this.....

On January 4th, 2020 the Buffalo Bills blew a 16-0 lead after the half, in the 3rd quarter, to lose to the Houston Texans, 22-19 in overtime of the First Round Wildcard Playoffs. LOL. Let's make sure that this headline makes in the record books, since all that was being reported was talk about the 1993 Houston Oilers & Buffalo Bills game.

Horrible game-play, questionable play calling, confusion, an invisible offense and defense, the Texans were down 0-13 at the half. The goose egg became greater in the 3rd, when Deshaun and team went down 0-16 late in the quarter with 2 minutes left. What seemed to be a determined game, took a turn of events in overtime.

Late-game wizardry from Watson proved to be the difference. He rushed for a 20-yard touchdown, threw a five-yard TD and converted two-point attempts after each. Watt had a few sacks, that sparked the defense into comeback mode.

The MAGICAL play that turned this match-up into a first round win. The play that will FOREVER be talked about and go down as play of the year, is when Watson showed how impact-full of a player he is in overtime. He converted a what seemed to be a sure fire 2nd-and-6 QB sack to turning point of a play with great position. Watson pulled a "Whodini" of a play and made a Texans' game-winning drive by avoid getting hit by 2 bills defensive players, rolls out to find Taiwan Jones, who ran to the Bills 10-yard line. With this position with the score being tied, Ka'imi Fairbairn kicked a 28-yard field goal for the win.

 The Texans match up with the Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium for Round 2 of the Play-Offs. Now, let's be honest, Saturday's game was terrible. But I do respect the win, as we make it to the next round. The logistics of the next round is this.... The Texans CAN NOT play as they did on Saturday against the Chiefs. O'Brien needs to regroup, switch out the play-books and bring the HEAT. #BullsOnParade

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