The Red Glare

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

The Rockets have revealed their championship blueprint to the world. If this team plays
consistent solid defense they will be unstoppable. The question is will they abide by the blueprint.
They know its what's required to be the great team they say they wanna be. They have been
talking about it from day one. Every returning Rocket and the new cast members have
mentioned it when questioned about what is it going to take to get to the next level. Yet we have
seen them step on the court and play as if the concept of solid defense is overrated or doesn't
apply to their success.

Make no mistake the Rockets are still getting accustomed to adding an MVP to their roster. But
there is no doubt this team is a championship contender. They have what it takes in personnel.
Will they commit to the blueprint is the question. We have seen the signs. Up until this point it's
all went wrong in the marquee match ups. And that leaves the bad taste and the questions
about capabilities. My guess is late Jan. we will see what this team is really about. There's no
doubt the Rockets can ruin their season early. That isn't happening though. For now remain calm
through the rocky waves of this early spring. These Rockets do understand that the season is a

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