Boosters Smoking

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The bumpy start was expected with the new pieces in place. The Rockets not being fun to watch
was not to be expected.

We have seen the glimpses of what this team can be. It has looked as if they have had to work
so hard for everything. In years past we have become accustomed to the Rockets getting
whatever they have wanted on offense. The defensive struggle is where you would anticipate
growth. This year there has been no flow all around. Harden has gotten his numbers. Westbrook
has gotten his triple doubles. It all seems to some inspite of. Nothing is coming because of the
other. Many assumed including myself that Westbrook would be a plug and play situation. The
Rockets struggles are truly a tribute to just how dynamic of a player he is.

Despite trying to adapt to adding a MVP. The Rockets are 6-3. There have been glimpses of
dominance in their DNA. You have seen the edge that Westbrook brings trickling down to the
team, and you can still bank on their growth. The comraderey has been solid. You dont see finger
pointing and whining. They believe in each other. At this point that's the best thing you could've
asked for. With that being said. The message the Rockets potential is sending is that thus far
this season is to stay down and stay tuned!

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