Astros fall to Nationals in World Series

Written by:  B. Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger 

After a long 7 game series, the Astros lose to the Nationals at home. This is Washington’s first World Series win. 

The Astros controlled the game and held the lead, 0-2 for 7 innings. Greineke pitched an AMAZING game. Hinch decided to pull him after the single run homer he gave up to bring the game within one, (1-2). As Greineke exits the mound and receives and roaring celebration from the stands, Harris steps up on his first pitch and throws a 2-run homer pitch to Howie Kendrick to give the Nationals the lead 3-2. This is where it all went downhill. Who would have thought that this would be the only points the Stros would get all game

Fans were wondering why Cole never touched the mound. Could have that been the game changer? Would he have gave up that many runs and base hits? Was there a specific reason AJ didn’t place Cole in the bullpen?. By the bottom of the 8th inning, Hinch had ran through his bullpen but nothing seemed to work. Osuna came to the mound and gave up a few base hits after the quick entry & exit by Harris. The Astros seemed to never bounce back after Greineke stepped down. 

The shocking piece to this 7-game stretch was that, the Astros did NOT win one game at home, which resulted in the Washington Nationals winning the World Series, 6-2.

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