That Ain't It Bill

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

There's no trickery needed, the Texans have top notch talent on this team. Line up and out
execute your opponent period.

You have to wonder when does the belief fade. It's no doubt these players like Bill O'Brien. All
accounts show he is a standup cat. Ask yourself though, when is the last time a win went for the
Texans that wasn't in spite of a head scratching move by the head coach? I can't call it. I do know
that to many have come with that asterisk. When will wanting to do good for the coach not be
enough? When will the belief in the vision vanish? The McNair's have to be asking themselves
these questions. It would be malpractice.

Dont get me wrong. It wasnt all on Bill O'Brien. D4 noted the down the field opportunities
he missed in the virtual chalkboard answer he provided the reporter in the postgame press
conference. You have to credit Carolina's defense as well. Also the kinks being worked out on the
offensive line reared its head again. The players can be afforded the time to rectify those things.
Where's the clock on Bill O'Briens ability to rectify his shortcomings? That is the question. And
only time will tell. Tick tock on to the Falcons flock. That is all.

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