New Era: Act I

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

The face of "NFL showtime" and the face of the "NFL grind til you get it" faced off this Sunday in
the home of the 2nd best BBQ in the world. Grind til you get it prevailed in round one.

It lived up to all the hype it brought with it as well. The moment never seemed too big for the
Texans today. A touchdown on a play that should've been an interception for Reid. The first play
on offense resulted in handing it back to the Chiefs in their redzone. Instead of the snowball
effect, it was a resilience effect. The Texans took the rock and marched it right down the throat
of the KC defense. You knew then if the Texans defense showed up they were going to have
a chance to win this game. They showed up and the Texans won one of the biggest in season
games in franchise history.

This was one of coach O'Brien complimentary football wins minus special teams. Credit to
the coaching and play calling the offense and defense. They all did their part today and in key
moments positioned each other well. This was a high quality win. DW4 carved them boys up. Bill
O'Brien gave him the freedom to do so. The defense mastered bend but dont break on a passing
game that has broken everybody. Credit to the Houston Texans. I don't believe the city has been
this excited since 19-10. Day ones know what that do. On to the Colts. This will be another great
test on the road that will speak to the progress of this this team.

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