The Other Side Of The Coin

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

Today the Texans were one yard better than the Jaguars on defense and that was all that was
needed. Now this team knows how it feels to be on the other side of that toss up situation.

This game played out like the typical AFC South battle. All the high flying fireworks of week one
turned into a grind it out, who wants it more defensive standoff. The defense gave the rookie
QB the proper welcome to the NFL. Three strip sack fumbles and constant pressure will make
him rethink the boogie nights outfit and perhaps attitude he flew into Houston with. The defense
made sure to wipe there slat clean for the season. As much as you put the week 1 loss on them
you have to give them credit for this win. Whitney Mercilus said he didn't have a name for his spin
move, we're going to call it the Mercicane. He reeked havoc and is on his way to team defensive

The offense left plenty to be desired out there today. There were glimpses of the high octane
effort we saw on Monday night in New Orleans but nothing consistent outside of Carlos
Hyde's production. There were miscues on the snap. There were more dropped passes. Clock
management issues reared there head again as they have throughout the Bill O'Brien era. Its
unacceptable. These are the things that will have to be cleaned up if this team wants to make a
serious run this season. This is no longer a reflection of talent. We have that here we know that.
It's a reflection of culture. We all know who the captain of that ship is. Nevertheless the Texans
will take this W and it's on to the next one in Nipsey Hustle land.

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