Bulls at ya Dome

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

The Texans didn't show up in New Oreleans to chase the matador. They showed up to go at the Saints neck. Time after time they did just that.

 The Texans started the game in the unfamiliar territory of making plays when it matter. Watching this team over the years it always seemed they came up short in those. Third down after third down they converted. On defense they got stops when crucial. Holding Drew Brees and that offense to 3pts displayed great attention to detail by the defense.

 Then the second half came. And the same ol Texans made an appearance. The play calling grew conservative. The OL begin to look like a work in progress. The defense was unable to adapt to the changes the Saints made on offense. We seen this movie before with the same actors. You start to wonder when the clock starts clicking on a sequel with a new cast. I know it's the first game of the season, but this team is to talented to be let down by the leadership and their direction given.

 With all the what we will call "mis-ques" with 50 seconds left the Texans took the field down by 6. Poof just like that Watson to Hop, Watson to Stills the Texans are up by one. After failed experiments and failed draft picks the Texans have found their franchise QB. Time after time when he displays his magic they let him down. You had to know it was possible for a certified Hall of Famer in Drew Brees to get in field goal position with 34 seconds left against a prevent defense because you just watched your young gladiator go 80 yards in less than 20 seconds against something similar. Yet you do it anyway. Often times it seems as the Texans depend on another team's mistakes to win instead of their own teams ability. That type of thinking has to change or the glimpses of potential is all they will show and the scenes of achievement will remain mediocre.

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