Texans get out marched by Saints

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

Monday night football didn't disappoint with the Texans and the Saints. A game that was favored for the Texans to get totally dominated, proved to be otherwise. In the first half, the Texans had the momentum and ended the it with the lead, 14-3. Things got a little rocky when Watson was slow to get up after scoring a scrambling touchdown. In a track back and forth to the tent Watson held on strong to ultimately keep the lead and closing out the 2nd quarter.

After halftime, the momentum slowly shifted as O'Brien seemed to get a little comfortable with calling the same plays as he did the first half. The Texans offensive line started to break down leaving Watson exposed and giving up 6 sacks. Despite a few possible bad calls from the refs, the Saints started to dominate the second half against the Texans. Tensions got high as Brees and the Saints started to pick apart and adjust to the Texans defense.

Brees found his rhythm with Kamara, Thomas and Taysum Hill. As the breakdown of the Houston offense and defense got worse and worse, Watson threw an interception that resulted in Hopkins pulling a WWE suplex on Marcus Williams, resulting in a 15yrd penalty.

Around the 4th quarter, Brees does what he does best and manages the clock, brings Lutz to a FG to bring the Saints ahead 27-21. Within 43 seconds left in the 4th, Watson works his magic and finds D.Hop for 38yrds and  Kenny Stills for a touchdown to tie the game. The Saints get a roughing the kicker penalty to give the Texans a second attempt for an extra point to bring the Texans ahead by 1 pt with 37 seconds left on the clock.

As you may well know, that is too much time to give Brees in these type of situations. Drew surgically works his offense while holding his last timeout. With 37 seconds left on the clock, Brees marched the Saints to the 40yrd line, leaving :02 sesonds to set Lutz up with the 58yrd FG kick to win their season home opening game, 30-28.

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