First Things First

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger

First place LAFC has been put on notice. First place ain't that far away. The Dynamo showed that
the grit and grind life is what this team is all about.

It didn't take long for the Dynamo to show that they came to put in work on the conference
frontrunners, a little less then 4 minutes to be exact. That's when Quioto hit them with a two
step cross up and a laser in the back of the goal. The pressure from that point between Quioto
and Elis was non stop. By halftime LAFC was looking for a reset button and the Dynamo were
looking for a fatality move. The LAFC found their reset button with a score in the bonus time.
And with the score right after halftime, the LAFC found their fade this Dynamo heat card.

The pressure never ceased. Elis was like a lightning bolt. You didnt know when or where but
you knew he was going to strike. Unfortunately on this night the keeper for LAFC gloves were
lightning proof.

The fans gave the Dynamo all they could give as usual. The Texian Army's El Battalon was on
point from start to finish. In the end this effort wasnt enough to slow the conference leaders
stride. On to the next showdown.

#ForeverOrange #OrangeRallyBoyz

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