Do You: Open letter to the Houston Rockets

Written by: Donald Tolbert | SFL Sports Blogger 

*Warning, A true Rockets fan heart felt write-up starts NOW!

The Rocket's offseason plans should be quite simple. Be a fuckin team. The free agent buzz is
cool, but not what's needed here.

Run-As-One sometimes, seemed to be the motto of years past. That's unacceptable. This city
has stood by this team as it has established a core of players to contend for a championship.
Through the good, the bad, the support and belief has been steady. 2 years ago we added what
was supposed to be the finishing touches to that core. Now after pushing one of the most
talented teams in the league historically to the brink of elimination, its supposed to be time to
look for a new savior to come in here. That's bullshit!

What happened to hard times build character? What happened to overcoming challenges with
my brothers? What happened to digging deeper and finding another level within ones self to
achieve goals? If you're a member of this team and you feel you have done everything you can,
sacrificed everything you can to win it all. Please find the nearest exit to IAH or Hobby and get
your ass out of this city.

Rockets fans have seen all the highlights of these free agency moves. Rockets fans are not
looking for help though. Rockets fans are looking at you all. The current members of the
Houston Rockets. Its fuckin go time! You're a fuckin team! Act like it!! The struggles of these
past few years are yours to overcome. Embrace them and handle this clutch city business.

#NoEasyOut #ClutchCityBiz #Rednation

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