New Same ol'


Written by: Donald Tolbert, SFL Staff Writer

A Houston made evening football was provided for the Roughnecks game against the Renegades. The question was would the Roughnecks take advantage of this opportunity? 

From the gate it was another snail's pace start for the offensive side of the ball for the Roughnecks. The new same 'ole. It's damn near embarrassing. Hope was fading like a mofo until the pick by Kiondre Thomas. That would lead to the first points on the board for the Roughnecks! 3 points to be exact since the offense couldn't move the ball 20 yards. This defense play actually gives this team a chance to win if they could get some rest. 3 and out after 3 and out was demoralizing to the team and to the fans. And like magic the Roughnecks strike on a big play and turned that into a touchdown and 2 point conversion. Taking the lead with about 3 min left in the first half and holding on to it going into the half. 

Coming out with energy and execution to start the second half lead to another touchdown on the board. Putting the Roughnecks in the driver seat. Then the new same ol kicked in. The offense stalls, the defense gives up points and the offense stalls again. The defense would resurface and hold the line and lead late unto the 4th quarter. The defense would also make the play to win the game with 4 seconds left in the 4th quarter. 

The first win of the season. Not to mention not losing to a Dallas area team. In turn also keeping playoff hopes and a lot at the Texas Title alive. There is still a lot left to be desired. We will see if the Roughnecks can start a winning streak this week. Until then drill baby drill!!! 

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