Saturday Night Vibes, 2-2 Draw comeback

   Photo credit: B. Keith Crear III

Written by Donald Tolbert

For the first time in a while, the Dynamo decided to put on a show under the Saturday night lights. The weather chose to participate so the house was full of the die hard fans and newbies as well.

 From the start the defensive effort on both sides took center stage. Even with Herrera’s aggressive push forward passing generating quality attempts on goal. It was not enough to crack the lid on the scoring in the first half. KC would crack the lid in the 25th min. as a result of that aggressiveness catching the Dynamo defense off guard on a quick change of possession. 

The Dynamo would respond in the 2min extra time of the first half. It was initiated by Herrera’s aggressive passing forward and finished off of his assist inside the box. A beautiful way to end the half and set the tone for the second half. You would think. And we would thinketh wrong today. The defense would get a little sloppy and in the 60th min. wind up giving a penalty kick away. 

Looking at defeat with about 30 min to go, the defense would steady. This time they would snatch victory well a tie from the jaws of defeat. A score in the extra time would tie the game and insure they would keep their lead over KC. That definitely made the Saturday night fireworks more enjoyable. It’s on to the next one for the Orangemen after giving the home crowd the effort they deserved.

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