Herrera on Messi joining the MLS

   Photo credit: Xavier Rosales | SFL Photographer

Hector Herrera spoke highly of Leo Messi joining the MLS. The Houston Dynamo midfielder is one of the league's top players and welcomed the newest addition to the MLS, Leo Messi. Herrera also congratulated Mexico on their Gold Cup championship and expressed his hope that the team's triumph under the leadership of Jaime Lozano would be "a new path for everyone."

Herrera also stated,

"I have said it on other occasions. It is the arrival of the best player in the world right now and for many years to come." He said with a big smile. "You saw him yesterday at the presentation, he is very excited about his arrival and it is going to be very good for the league. It's an honor to have him here and to be able to face him once again. Let's hope he's happy and that he gets all the love he deserves." He concluded about the World Cup Champion. “It's an honor to have Messi here”.

Herrera, who has already played 104 games for the Mexican national team, has the vote of confidence from Lozano. The Dynamo midfielder said that he believes Lozano will remain as head coach of Mexico, as the people are happy with his work.

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