Vegas Gold Cup Spectacular

One for the ages that lived up to the hype. For Mexico it was chance to continue their dominance over the US. For the US it had to be pride. Yes it was a chance to hold the Gold Cup for the first time since 2017 and beat their ultimate rival all in one, but with the recent string of international disappointments this was about the US program as a whole. 

From go the energy and effort was on 10 for both clubs. The Mexico defense was firm for the most part. The US was very aggressive in seeking offensive opportunities though. Even though Mexico had a significant edge in time of possession they only out shot the US by 3. 

There were several point blank opportunities missed by both clubs. For that you have to credit the defense of both clubs. They were able to stay calm inside the box. Early in the second half you knew it was going to come down to the first club to blink in the eye of the storm. The venue was unbelievable. 

Allegiant Stadium was packed and active. Waiting for that blink. The energy would wade itself all the way into the second half of extra time for that blink. After a yellow card Robinson would score on a header off the free kick and that would be the deal dealer. Pride intact, championship secured, the future is bright for this young American team. USA Wins 2021 Concacaf GoldCup: Defeats Mexico 1-0

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