Dynamo draw against Real Salt Lake



Written By Donald Tolbert | SFL Journalist

A good old fashioned stand off. The thing about that is you know someone has to loose. 20 minutes in, it was a toss up. RSC had put plenty of pressure on the Dynamo defense. However, the Dynamo defense refused to break. The crowd was simmering waiting for their participation to be requested by a play on the pitch. So they waited and watched as both goalies put a vice grip around the goals. Unfortunately, after 45 minutes plus stoppage time the crowd was still waiting on that moment to unite and ignite. 

The wait would extend deep into the match. As both defenses locked down. The foul calls became random and suspect. Shout out to Dorsey a certified gunslinger. If he gets a touch you know where he's going with. To the goal with it. Every chance he got all night he pushed 

the ball to the goal in some for or fashion. 

With extra time staring us in the face it was a red card issued to RSC that got the crowd to ignite in unison finally. Unfortunately, outside of few additional missed shot opportunities in the extra time that would be as loud as it got. The game ended nil-nil. The fans definitely were not disappointed with the effort put out by the Dynamo with a chance to gain ground in the West. There was no ground lost on the other hand. You hate to come out of these type of effort games without a W tho. 

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