Texans Fall to the Chiefs in Opening Week


Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photo-Journalist

After days of licking my wounds and reviewing the tape, you realize the Texans have not changed. The coaching is still the same with same results. The only saving grace (to some degree) is the fact that there is no Pre-Season. Without that, the team didn't have time to mesh and gel as a squad before the season began due to Covid-19. Although this maybe true, it's still not an excuse to get TOTALLY dominated (34-20) in the season opener, ON NATIONAL TV, I might add.

As you watched the game, you began to wonder if the absence of Deandre Hopkins potentially played a key role in the loss. Some say YES, while others say that, D. Hop wouldn't have made a difference, and I agree. Sidenote: D.Hop went bananas in his first game as a Cardinal. As a Texans fan, you are slowly rubbing that gut punch. 

When the coaching style is style the same, when the offensive line is still next to existing, when the defense has not taken a Madden upgrade, you'll see that basically is just recycled team from previous seasons. I am beginning to wonder what the mind-set is of the organization. To score only once in the first quarter and remain scoreless till the fourth is ABSOLUTELY insane. 

My assessment is that, the Texans are going to spend half of the season finding their rhythm......yet again for like the millionth time. Long Sigh!!!!!

Next up, the Texans take on the Baltimore Ravens in NRG on Sept. 20th @ 3:20pm

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