Rocket Fall to Lakers in Game 3


Written by: B. Keith Crear | SFL Writer/Photo-Journalist

After losing Game 2, the Rockets suffered another loss on Tuesday night. The Houston Rockets were within striking distance of the Los Angeles Lakers in the fourth quarter Tuesday night losing,102-112.

When you look at the numbers that were put up by the Lakers, the Rockets shouldn't have had a chance to win Game 3, bu they actually could have. The game was tied after three quarters. Houston had a fourth-quarter lead up until Rondo sparked a 13-2 run with two 3-pointers and a steal and finish. To see Rondo, perform like this last night was short of 'Play-Off Rondo" from the Boston days on top of Davis and James being dominant during the game, it was quite surprising. I mean LeBron was EVERYWHERE. 

Now again, Houston could have won the game. The Rockets problem is the amount of shots and 3 pointers they put up. I mean, they didn't put up as much as they did the post-season, but after awhile in these playoffs, the amount of 3's have to be calculated and executed by players WHO actually make the 3 point shot. 

When you look at Westbrook and Harden, both are different but key players...if they execute efficiently. Harden is more of a half-court player as Westbrook is more of a full-court player. When the Rockets are clicking, Westbrook is attacking the numbers and space provided by the Harden doubles and either getting to the rim, getting fouled or kicking to shooters. Westbrook has to take it easy on the jumpers and redirect those attempts to better shooters behind the 3-point line. 

Once they get clicking on all cylinders and adjust, the Rockets can take Game 4, if not take the series. But they have to being in sync the next 3 games. 

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