Fan-less Games


Written by B. Keith Crear III | SFL Photo-Journalist

As week one came to a close last night with Monday Night Football, the main question still remains.... Will fan-less stadiums keep the energy of football.?

We have watched leagues like the NBA, MLB and MLS host games with cardboard cutouts of fans, but does it work? Being on the sidelines and watching players interact and feed off fan interaction is invigorating and energizing. I will tell you, being at live game is nothing less than amazing. As a fan myself, simply watching it from is cool, BUT it is not the same. I mean the audience backtrack the NFL has going is a temporary fix. It's like buying DollarStore drink mix, until you can get Koolaid. We all know Covid-19 is the infamous penalty flag for empty seats. Besides the fans, you have to wonder what the players are going through mentally. To make a big play, get a first down, or score a touchdown, only to look up to empty seats has to have an effect in the psyche to some degree.

Not knowing how long the social distancing will last, let's just hope the season runs to completion. 

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