Post-game Interview with Coach Ramos on first game of Season

Coach Ramos, how do you feel about the first season game?

“First of all I’m proud of the team. I think the team made a really good effort. I thought the first ten minutes we looked a little bit nervous – maybe the crowd, the first game, you know all those things maybe made us start out a little bit slow and that caused us to have to fight from behind. So, other than that I’m happy with what the team did today. Obviously, we want to win the game. We’re home. Anytime you don’t win at home you feel like you’re leaving something and that’s something that we are going to have to get somewhere else which is difficult. In general, I’m happy with where the team is at this point considering the absences, we have but sometimes missing players is an opportunity for other players, and they have to take advantage of that. I think a few guys did a pretty good job today.”

How did the team do defensively today against LA

“I thought it was good, but I think of defending as our first defender is our most advanced attacker. So, I think we started defending well from (FW) Mauro (Manotas) all the way back and I think that’s what helped us get back in the game.”

What are some of the things the team did well and what they need to work on for next game?

“I think a lot of things. We pride ourselves and sort of build the teams so that we can play the ball wide and get the ball open so that we can have 1v1s on the wings and we did that a lot. It must have been 30 or 40 times that we found ourselves in good positions wide. We need to work on a little bit on what happens after because I think we get ourselves in good position. We won the ball back on their half of the field many times which is what we want to do but I think our final ball was not a good one. I think our running in the box was not great and we need to move a little bit better in order to find the openings in the box.”

How did you feel about the crowd and the energy today?

“Loved it, it was amazing. I was so thankful that so many people came out to this game. I think it was a great atmosphere to play in. It was exciting. It was exciting for me to coach it. It was exciting for the players to play it, so I think it was a great day.”

What did you say to the team to get them ready for the 2nd half?

“I really felt that after the first 10 maybe 15 minutes that we really were the team on the field that had the ball and were going after the result. So, I felt like at halftime all I needed to do was let them know that we were doing well and to make sure that we don’t have the first 10 minutes of the second half like we started the game. I think the guys came in focused and in the second we picked up right where we left off at the end of the first half, so I was really happy with that.”

What were your nerves like with this being his first game? 

“You are always a little bit nervous before big games. Obviously, it’s the first game so maybe a little bit more than usual but any time you play a big game there is always nerves. The players have them. The coaches have them. Everybody has—it’s normal. So, I was a little bit nervous, but I was really excited, and I really enjoyed the experience.”

How did you feel about Zarek Valentin’s performance?

“I thought he was great. He might have been one of our best player’s today. He did a great job. He stepped in. He has that kind of character already. It was one of the reasons we went after him right away because the thing about Zarek that’s a little bit special is he came in to play RB but had we put him in at CB or LB he probably would have had the same effort. He’s always ready to play and he certainly showed it today. I’m excited about that.” 

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