Let The Games Begin

Written by Donald Tolbert

You couldn't have picked a better day out of the year weather wise for the Dynamo to renew
there pursuit of the championship.

The stadium was packed to capacity and the Orangemen were ready to put on a show against
the LA Galaxy.

Early on the lack of players during to injury showed most on the defensive end. The Galaxy were
able to easily push forward with repeated shots on goal. The 12th min saw the first break in the
Dynamo's defense. Giving the Galaxy the early 1 point lead. The Dynamo would respond with
their own onslaught of offensive pressure. Unfortunately going into the half it didn't yield any
point production.

Fresh out the half in the 53rd min Manotas put the Orangemen on the map. Splitting the
defender and the goalie with a lightning strike to level the game. That was the spark the crowd
needed. As if it was the official start of the season. The energy became reciprocal. With the
Orangemen coming as close as a shot off the crossbar to win.

All in all without taking a loss today, the franchise won. The fans showed they are ready to
support this team this season. The Orangemen returned the favor by showing the fight that will
be required to compete at a high level this year. Buckle your safety harness. Its going down like a
high rise window washer. Great welcome to the MLS season by the Dynamo and fans.

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