Battle on the Playground

Written by B.Keith Crear III

In the world of sports, the battle to become pro is on the horizon and starts...AT THE PLAYGROUND.

In Cypress, at the VOCL Playground the battle to become the BEST "Tag" player started. It was a competition of speed, hands and agility between siblings. Blake, age 5 standing at 4' 5in sported his traditional Spiderman shirt and Flash light up shoes. When asked about his obvious conflicking gear and how he plans to win he said.... "I wun fast, you see these shoes they wight up".

His competitor, his sister Sarah, age 3, standing at 3' 2in, geared up in her favorite Elsa outfit with airsoft cushion Frozen sandals. She was prepared for the game in full effect. As she sat on the bench, getting energized from her juicebox and animal crackers, she screamed, "Im reaaaaaaadyyyyyyy" with the most fierce facial determination and threw her juice on the ground.

Their mom laid out the rules of play as the standoff began. The match started slow. Blake crossed between the swing set, hit the slide, jumped and tapped Sarah on the shoulder and landed in the most EPIC Spiderman superhero pose, making the score 1-0.  Sarah obviously being very competitive, isnt happy. She runs up the slide, ducks under the rocking horse with the "Hide and Go Seek" play option and catches Blake on the ankle as he is still celebrating, making the score 1-1.

With the match all tied, both opponents start showing off super powers. Blake hits the monkey bars hanging upside down slangin spidey webs, as Sarah starts throwing ice blasts for the counter. Blake jumps off the bars, hits the ground, stands in place, rapidly moving his feet, and yells "Flaaaaash" and darts off. He begans to use his size, height and speed against Sarah, but didn't anticipate Sarah's wittiness. As he turns the corner at the flashpoint of the swings, Blake stumbles and is slowed down by one of Sarah's Frozen sandals, and out of nowhere she jumps on Blake and taps him twice, making the score 1-3.

Then you hear most anger driven yell, "Mommmmmm , thats not Fwairrrrrr". As he is making his case, Sarah is taunting him, "What wronnng Fwash, too slwow" and lets out an evil laugh. After Blake and his Mom exchange arguments, Mom calls the game as Blake gets ejected, making Sarah the Winner.

Im pretty sure a rematch is on the horizon for later in the week.

Stay tuned more FUN quarantined sports writing. LOL

Photocredit Larry D. Moore, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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