MNF Battle in the Superdome

Written by: Keith "Grizz" Crear | SFL Photographer/Sports Blogger

Well the battle in the dome is here. The Texans take on the New Orleans Saints in their home opener on national TV. Its the Monday night showdown that has Houston vs Nawlins on high alert. Barbecue vs Boudin, Chilli vs Gumbo, oh you get the point. 

Deshaun Watson is set to take the field and prove that the Texans can win in the Big Easy. Despite all the change-ups in the locker room in the past few days, the Texans plan on bringing a W back home down that I-10 corridor. But Drew Brees and the Saints won’t be an easy win though. The Texans will have to play through the tribulations and trades and come together to pull off the defeat. With the addition of Tunsils on the O-Line, Watson will have some time to calculate some pass plays. The targets on the line include, D.Hop, Will Fuller and Kenny Stills, So we should see some highlight connections this game. 

Now with the loss of Clowney, the Texans defense took a blow in Madden standings and providing pressure. Watt and Merciles will have to bring the pain on the Saints offensive line to get Brees to make poor pass choices and keep Kamara contained. 

Tonight will definitely be entertaining. The home opener games in New Orleans are absolutely INSANE. The energy in champion square is next to none, so the Dome will amplify that by 1000. The Texans will need to have a solid gameplan marching onto the field, because it will be a battle. It will definitely  BE A SHOOT OUT! 

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